Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day Spa Gift Certificates - The perfect stress reliever

Gift Certificates For Day Spas Make The Perfect Stress Relieving Presents

If you are looking for a gift for a certain someone and that person works hard and hardly has any time to him or herself, a gift certificate for a day spa may be the way to go. Day spas offer all types of services that will simply melt away stress and will provide a day of complete pampering for the one you love. They can get massage therapy, mud wraps, facials, pedicures, manicures and much more. Gift certificates for day spas offer packages that include one of the above or the entire array of services. It's a great way to treat someone and it makes for a great present no matter what the occasion.

Finding A Good Spa

You've decided on giving that special someone a gift certificate for a day spa but you haven't decided which day spa you want to go with. No problem, you simply have to ask around. Ask your friends and family if they have visited any day spas lately and ask them what they liked, and what they didn’t like. When you hear a good review from someone you know and trust, chances are that's a good day spa. However, anyone can have a bad experience anywhere so make sure you get a few good reviews from a few people before you choose on buying the gift certificate from that particular spa.


The prices vary for gift certificates depending on what you want to include as part of the gift. They have complete packages for reasonable prices that will allow the person to be pampered nearly all day long. What could be better than that? If you don't want to spend a lot of money, you can always buy gift certificates that offer just one or just a few services. They'll still feel pampered and it's still a great gift to give someone.

So if you know someone that spends most of their time working, they maybe have kids and don't get a lot of alone time, or they just seem stressed all the time, give the gift of completely stress relief and relaxation by buying a gift certificate for a day spa. They'll love their day of pampering and they will likely return the favor someday. There are many day spas around but not all are created equal. Ask around for the best one and your loved one will surely love their gift.

Bath And Spa Gift Basket

Provide Total Relaxation With A Bath And Spa Gift Basket

Do you know someone that could use a little relaxation? Of course you do. We all know that person who works constantly and has little time to him or herself. This person could definitely use a bath and spa gift basket. With a bath and spa gift basket, they can get everything they need to treat themselves. It's like visiting a spa but they get it all in one basket and they can use it in the privacy of their own home. You have some choices when it comes to bath and spa gift baskets. You can make your own, which makes the gift extra special, or you can purchase one. They offer bath and spa gift baskets and some stores, such as Bath and Body Works, or you can go into an actual day spa where they also offer great gift baskets that you can give to a special someone. They'll surely appreciate it as it's probably just what they've been wanting.

How to Make Your Own Spa Gift Baskets?

To make your own bath and spa gift baskets, which is really ideal, it adds a special touch to the gift, is really very easy. You simply choose a basket that you'd like to give and fill it with tissue paper, you choose the color, or you can choose lace, or whatever else you'd like to fill the bottom with. As far as what goes in the basket, you have many products to choose from.
Many people like to fill their bath and spa gift baskets with things such as bath salts, bath balls, lotions, moisturizers, pedicure and manicure sets, facial masks, massage tools and much more. The idea is to give the person products that they can use to pamper themselves, or that they can get their significant other to use to pamper them.
If you're that significant other, that's even better, so choose things you'd like to pamper your loved one with. Then, simply wrap it in clear plastic, put a bow on it and a tag indicating who it's from. That's all there is to it. It's quick and easy and it's the ultimate gift to give.

Buying A Basket

Of course, you can always go to any bath and body store or an actual day spa to see what types of bath and spa gift baskets they have to offer. There are many types to choose from. The good thing about buying the gift baskets from a store or from a day spa is that you can have many of the same brand of products in one basket. It really depends on how much you want to spend. If you buy your bath and spa gift basket at a day spa, you may want to include a gift certificate from that day spa so that the person can go and get pampered when they get time.

The person you give the bath and spa gift basket to will surely enjoy the gift and it's likely they'll return the favor. Maybe you can even include things in the basket that they can use on you, if they are your significant other. That is truly the gift that gives back.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wind N Sea Day Spa

Fulfill a Fantasy at Wind N Sea Day Spa

Women, especially women who are trying to juggle families, often fantasize about indulging themselves. Most women fantasize about big things, things like taking a trip around the world, soaking in Iceland’s hot springs, or winning a mystery date with a sexy celebrity.

Most of the fantasies will never come true, they either require to much time away from the family or are to expensive. Instead women find themselves using little things to fulfill their need for self-indulgence, savoring a piece of chocolate, reading a chapter from the latest bestselling romance novel, or taking fifteen minutes to cover their faces with a mud mask. Although these are excellent ways to temporarily boost a woman’s spirits a trip to Wind N Sea Day Spa will do even more to rejuvenate the soul.

Wind N Sea Day Spa Services

Wind N Sea Day Spa offers their customers a variety of services. These services include a variety of massages, wraps, facials, make-up, tinting, waxing, manicures, pedicures, and many other indulgent services. In addition to the traditional massages and facials, the Wind N Sea Day Spa also provides its clients with an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Yoga.

Plan Ahead

Wind N Sea Day Spa has many services their clients can choose from. When they are planning a trip to Wind N Sea Day Spa the woman should take the time to read about each of the spa’s activities. She should also take a good look at her calendar and figure out when the best time would be to arrange a trip to the spa. If at all possible she should try to spend time revitalizing herself when she won’t have to deal with a great deal of stress right after she leaves the Wind N Sea Day Spa.

If possible she should try to arrange to do something relaxing like going out for drinks with friends or making a date with her spouse. The one thing a woman should avoid when making time to pamper herself at Wind N Sea Day Spa is the feeling that she is rushed, she won’t be able to relax if she is worried about having enough time to get her children to soccer practice.

A Romantic Getaway

Every couple knows that there are times when you just need to get away together. Wind N Sea Day Spa will not only offers women a chance to relax and improve their over all body wellness, they also provide the means for a romantic weekend for two. The couple can spend the day being massaged, oiled, and pampered at the Wind N Sea Day Spa and then spend their evening and night at the Inn at Turkey Hill. Wind N Sea Day Spa offers several inviting packages their customers can select.

La Veranda Resort & Spa

Luxury Resort and Spa in Vietnam

One of the things that attract visitors that come to Vietnam is being able to sample the truly exciting and charming Vietnamese hospitality and also the unique culture of this lovely Asian country. Thus, when you enter any Vietnam luxury resort and spa, you will expect to find not only Asian style hospitality but also the lodgings would be quite different to that found in the rest of Vietnam.

So, if you are near or in Vietnam, you need to head to the tropical island known as Phu Quoc that is located on the south coast of Vietnam and besides this outstanding island’s natural beauty, you will be pampered and well taken care of at the boutique resort known as La Veranda Resort & Spa that is unique which means that you won’t find another Vietnam luxury resort and spa quite like this.

As for the Phu Quoc Island in which this exciting Vietnam luxury resort and spa is located, it is nothing short of a mini-paradise on earth. In fact, the island is shaped in the form of a heart and there are also thickly populated rainforests and also a high ridge and the beaches are dotted with palm trees that provide welcome shade when the temperatures begin to soar during the day.

The Grand Mercure La Veranda Resort - A Unique Boutique Resort

There is, as you would expect, a lot of choice when it comes to choosing a Vietnam luxury resort and spa, especially in places such as Phu Quoc where there awaits the traveler excellence in the form of Grand Mercure La Veranda Resort & Spa. In fact, there is hardly any more spectacular setting for a Vietnam luxury resort and spa than the Grand Mercure La Veranda and it is nothing less than a gem waiting to be discovered.

The La Veranda Resort & Spa is one Vietnam luxury resort and spa that boast both Asian styling as well as charming Caribbean villas that add their own charm when surrounded by gardens that are uniquely tropical and with the sandy beaches not far away, you will truly be amazed by the comfort and hospitality offered here.

All in all, the La Veranda Resort & Spa is an excellent example of what Vietnam luxury resort and spa is all about and it truly merits a visit if only to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and in addition, you are assured of finding comfort, relaxation and a fair bit of excitement on an island that is beautiful and also quite untouched by modern civilization.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Melt Your Stress Away With A Visit To A Beauty & Day Spa

If you find yourself stressed out all the time and you wish you could just get away, you can and you don't have to travel very far. A vacation doesn't need to include expensive plane tickets, hotel stays, rental cars and whatever else people have in mind when they think of vacations. In fact, you can stay right in your home town and have a nice, relaxing vacation by visiting your local beauty & day spa.
A beauty & day spa might be just what the doctor ordered to cause your stress to melt away and to give you the peace of mind you so desperately seek and deserve. So make an appointment at your local beauty & day spa today and give yourself the gift of relaxation.

What You Can Expect

Most beauty & day spas offer similar services. There are massages, both full body and deep tissue, there are facials, hair services, manicures, pedicures, and much more. Contact your local beauty & day spa to see what they offer and also inquire about their pricing. The pricing varies from day spa to day spa but many offer special deals. You can also inquire about special packages that will offer many services in one for a very low price. These are the way to go because you'll be totally pampered with one visit.

Gift Certificates

Another great idea is to get someone you love a gift certificate to your local beauty & day spa. If you loved your visit so much, it's only natural to want to share that experience with someone you care about. Gift certificates enable the person to visit the day spa whenever they have the time and they'll get pampered, just as you were pampered, and all on your dime. There are many services and packages available for gift certificates so inquire at their front desk about their gift certificates so that you can give the gift of total relaxation to someone you care about with a gift certificate to your local beauty & day spa.

When you visit your local beauty & day spa, you'll walk out of there feeling totally relaxed. It's likely you'll want to return again and again. Just remember that the beauty & day spa is there whenever you feel you need to unwind, recharge your batteries and melt your stress away. If you're like most people, you work a lot and live a hectic lifestyle and a visit to your local beauty & day spa is just what the doctor ordered.

Visit A Day Spa

Nothing Brings Relaxation Like A Visit To A Day Spa

You work long and hard hours, you hardly get a minute to yourself while at home due to the kids and let's just say you live a very hectic lifestyle. How will you ever find time to relax? Will you ever feel stress free? Will you ever be able to treat yourself to a day away? And, if so, where would you go? What would you do? The answer is simple. You should make an appointment at your local day spa. At your local day spa, you can get a massage, a facial, a mud bath, a manicure or pedicure or whatever else you'd like to be pampered with. There's nothing like a visit to the day spa to recharge your batteries and to provide the stress free atmosphere you've been desperately seeking. The trick is finding a day spa you'll be happy with.

Finding A Day Spa

Open your local yellow pages and you'll probably be inundated with pages of locations near you. How can you choose just one, however? Should you choose the cheapest or the closest or should do a little more checking? Who has time to call each one to find out what they offer and how much they cost? There are, in fact, easier ways to find the perfect spa for you. One of those is through the internet.

Search on The Internet

With the internet, you can search your location for a good day spa and you can see if anyone has left any good recommendations for that spa. Many times, when someone has a good or bad experience, they can't wait to leave their reviews on various sites for others to either visit, or avoid, that particular day spa. Look for a spa review page and that can give you a great idea of which spas surpass the rest in services and customer service.

Ask Friends, Family and Coworkers

Ask the people you know if they've visited a day spa lately and what they thought of it. Hearing it from someone you trust is another great way to find a good day spa. If someone you know and trust, such as a friend, family member or someone you work with, absolutely loved the day spa, you can bet you will too. Just remember, some people have bad experiences at day spas for various reasons so don't disregard a spa based on just one bad review, even if it's from someone you know and trust. But if you get a few good reviews about one particular spa, you can bet that's a great one to visit to ease away all your stress.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spa Vacation: Which to Choose?

Spa Vacation: Which to Choose?

The best thing about choosing a spa vacation is that you get to choose from many different places that can take you all over the country and also to different parts of the world and which also offer to pamper you with things such as facials, body massage, beauty treatments and best of all, with meals with a lot of nutritional and healthy content.

Of course, the ideal spa vacation would be one that suits your needs the best and which is also easily affordable. In addition, the ideal spa vacation would also be one that addresses your specific goals such as helping you to lose weight or one that pampers you and fulfils your every whim and desire.

If you wish to be close to nature then the best spa vacation for you would be one that is located in scenic surroundings and which is far from the hustle and bustle of city life. However, one thing is for sure and that is that no matter which kind of spa vacation you choose, when you return from your vacation you will be a truly new person whose mind and body will have been refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Why go on spa vacation?

Why go on spa vacation?

You will find that a spa vacation can be a learning experience and you can become better educated about how to maintain good health and also to create a lifestyle that is healthier and even get accustomed to doing proper physical fitness routines. In fact, it is also quite common to find a spa vacation that caters to a person’s favorite hobby such as biking, canoeing, skiing and even horseback riding. As a matter of fact, there is also a lot of variety on offer as far as these activities go, and so with a little bit of research you should easily be able to find a place that offers you the right kind of activity with which to improve yourself.

Another feature to taking a spa vacation is that it offers you the chance to get away from the daily stresses and strains and instead relax and unwind without anything to disturb the tranquility of the spa resort’s environment.

It may also be a good idea to check out stress management retreats or take a vacation where weight loss is a feature, and there are even spiritually oriented retreats and even yoga destinations that you can check out when looking for a suitable spa vacation. The best thing about such spa vacation destinations is that they are managed very professionally and you will certainly learn how to live life in a healthier fashion and then also use what you have learnt in your daily lives once you return home from your vacation.