Saturday, June 28, 2008

Spa covers – a must have for all tub owners

Why do you need a spa cover?

Simple, the spa cover helps Keep Your Hot Tub Clean. Anyone who owns an outdoor hot tub knows how hard they are to keep clean. Leaves, insects and more fall into them constantly and that not only makes them dirty but it throws off the pH balance so that it's unsafe and unsanitary for others to lounge in them. Therefore, if you own an outdoor hot tub, you should get a spa cover for it. A spa cover goes right over the top of your hot tub. It will keep it clean, it will lead to less maintenance and it will also reduce the cost of heating the tub because the spa covers are insulated so well. So the next time you and your friends want to get into the hot tub, simply remove the spa cover and get in.

Your Hot Tub Dealer

If you're looking for a spa cover, the best place to look is the dealer where you bought your hot tub in the first place. Hot tubs are made in all different sizes and designs so you'll need a spa cover that fits exactly. If you can't go to your dealer, make sure you know the exact dimensions of your hot tub so that you can order the correct spa cover. A spa cover that doesn’t fit correctly will not keep your hot tub as clean as you want and it won't hold in the heat either. So make sure it fits exactly if you're going to invest in a cover.

Fashionable Spa Covers Colors and Designs

Just like hot tubs, spa covers come in various shapes, designs and colors. If your dealer doesn't carry the type you like, you can always go online to find the spa cover you're looking for. The money is well worth the investment when you consider how much maintenance you'll have to do on the tub without a cover. You should be able to find a cover that matches your hot tub exactly, or at least one that matches the exterior of your home, or wherever else you keep your hot tub.

Your Guests Will Appreciate It

If nothing else, your guests will appreciate the fact that you got a spa cover for your hot tub. It keeps the tub cleaner, it keeps the chemical balance correct and it keeps the tub warm. No hot tub should be without a cover so if you don't have one, it's recommended that you begin shopping for one today.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Review on Allure Day Spa

Allure Day Spa is run by April Nurse, who always ensures that customers are given the most professional and high quality treatments.

The Day Spa is located on 55th St, New York. Despite being in such a busy location, the first thing that will strike you soon after you enter Allure Day Spa is the calm atmosphere of the place.
The excellent treatment that you are given will focus on grooming you and pampering you like is not possible anywhere else.
The staffs are pleasant and friendly, and you are also not charged more than is reasonable.

Professional and High Quality Treatments

The services offered at Allure Day Spa are manicures, pedicures, add-on Callous Care, waxing and tinting services as well as facials.

Allure Day Spa also offers cellular nutrition that is given using the best techniques and the whole approach to treating customers is holistic which is mainly attributable to the fact that April believes strongly that nutrition is very important to the overall well being of a person and also to their beauty.

In addition, Allure Day Spa offers massage services including the relaxation massage and mini massage. At Allure Day Spa, customers love the pampering to which they are subjected and all their needs are well cared for and you will also get to enjoy a relaxing cup of tea and also some healthy treats that will buttress the effects of their various treatments.

You can even get a Gift Certificate for your friends / loved ones for them to share the same experience as you.

To some who visit the Allure Day Spa, it is like a coming to an oasis in the middle of a vast desert and from the welcoming atmosphere to the friendly staff there is much to please you.
In fact, after getting a facial done here, you will love your glowing look that will last for days on end. In addition, there are several beauty products available here as well that you won’t find in any other place.
Best of all, you would love the prices which will make you gasp in amazement and the prices certainly compare well when compared to other spas.

For more info, visit

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Medical Day Spa: Pampering and Giving Yourself a New Look

If you are bored and your energy level is running rather low, consider visiting a medical day spa and do something really relaxing for a change like getting a body treatment, a massage or a facial treatment. You can also try some medical beauty procedures at the spa like photofacials, medical peels, Botox, medical microdermabrasion and many others. Indeed, a few hours of pampering can do a lot to lift your spirit.

Below are some examples of common treatment at a medical day spa.

Getting Botox Treatment

Most medical day spa in the country offers Botox treatment. If you are worried about those wrinkles and lines on your face, consider getting a Botox treatment from a reputable medical day spa.

A single Botox treatment can do wonders to your skin. In just a couple of weeks, your skin will look younger and suppler than it used to be. Technically, this type of treatment can make you look a few years younger than you actually are.

Can this type of treatment remove all signs of aging in your face? No, this type of treatment will not remove all types of wrinkles on your face. Studies show that this type of treatment cannot remove the evidence of sun damage on your skin. To know more about the effects and effects of this treatment, talk to a medical professional in a medical day spa before you get treatment.

Do not just ask for a treatment at the medical day spa without really knowing what you are getting yourself into. Always remember that a Botox treatment can cost a lot of money so before you spend your money, know what you are getting in return for your money.

Getting Medical Peels and Medical Microdermabrasion

Medical peels and medical microdermabrasion are very effective when it comes to removing blemishes on your skin, especially in your face. If you are one of those people who are prone to pimples and acne, you will benefit much from these types of treatment. A lot of medical day spas in the country offer these types of treatment.

To get of those blemishes on your skin, call the medical day spa nearest you and ask for an appointment. Bring your medical records with you when you visit the medical day spa for the first time. No, the people at the medical day spa will not give you any types of treatment right away during your first visit. In most cases, they will just assess your situation and then schedule you for treatment on some other dates.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pamper yourself at a luxury day spa

Treat Yourself With A Visit To A Luxury Health Spa

Do you find yourself constantly working with little time to yourself? Do the kids and the family demand so much from you that you find yourself grinding your teeth, stressed out to the core? Would you like to just get away to a locale that is inviting and that provides total relaxation?

Well, there is a place like that and it's at a luxury health spa. A luxury health spa is just what the doctor ordered. You'll be pampered, waited on hand and foot and you'll find your stress melt away with each service they offer. So what can you expect from a luxury health spa?

Searching For A Luxury Health Spa

First, you have to find a luxury health spa that you'd like to visit. There are many around. You can probably find one close to where you live or you can make a vacation out of it and travel to a luxury health spa.

Do an internet search and find one that sounds inviting to you. Then, call them up and ask them what they offer.
Many of them have packages that include massages, mud wraps, facials, pedicures, manicures and much, much more. You can spend the entire day there or the entire weekend. So find a luxury health spa and prepare to be pampered.

Be Treated Like A Celebrity

Luxury health spas pride themselves on the services they offer. If you've ever wanted to be treated like a celebrity, you can definitely find that kind of treatment at a spa like this. Many of them will serve you drinks, food, provide the various services and more and you don't have to do a thing.

This is just what you've been looking for; time away from your job, family stresses and anything else that's been causing you tension. You just lay back, relax and let them melt away all your stress and give you the relief you so badly deserve.

Luxury Spa Prices

The pricing at luxury health spas vary depending on where you go. If you're looking to save money, just call around to the various ones you find and you're bound to find one within your price range.

Many of them have package deals that you can choose from or you can just select one or two of their services. Just remember, when it comes to luxury health spas, you don't have to make the money of a celebrity to be treated like one.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Visit to a day spa

Melt Your Stress Away With A Visit To A Beauty & Day Spa

If you find yourself stressed out all the time and you wish you could just get away, you can and you don't have to travel very far. A vacation doesn't need to include expensive plane tickets, hotel stays, rental cars and whatever else people have in mind when they think of vacations. In fact, you can stay right in your home town and have a nice, relaxing vacation by visiting your local beauty & day spa.

A beauty & day spa might be just what the doctor ordered to cause your stress to melt away and to give you the peace of mind you so desperately seek and deserve. So make an appointment at your local beauty & day spa today and give yourself the gift of relaxation.

What To Expect at Day Spa

Most beauty & day spas offer similar services. There are massages, both full body and deep tissue, there are facials, hair services, manicures, pedicures, and much more. Contact your local beauty & day spa to see what they offer and also inquire about their pricing.

The price varies from day spa to day spa but many offer special deals. You can also inquire about special packages that will offer many services in one for a very low price. These are the way to go because you'll be totally pampered with one visit.

Spa Gift Certificates

Another great idea is to get someone you love a gift certificate to your local beauty & day spa. If you loved your visit so much, it's only natural to want to share that experience with someone you care about. Gift certificates enable the person to visit the day spa whenever they have the time and they'll get pampered, just as you were pampered, and all on your dime.

There are many services and packages available for gift certificates so inquire at their front desk about their gift certificates so that you can give the gift of total relaxation to someone you care about with a gift certificate to your local beauty & day spa.

When you visit your local beauty & day spa, you'll walk out of there feeling totally relaxed. It's likely you'll want to return again and again. Just remember that the beauty & day spa is there whenever you feel you need to unwind, recharge your batteries and melt your stress away. If you're like most people, you work a lot and live a hectic lifestyle and a visit to your local beauty & day spa is just what the doctor ordered.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Visit a Health Spa Today

A Health Spa: Enjoyable Ways of Reducing Stress and Relieving Sore Muscles

Visiting a health spa has become one of the most culturally and socially acceptable way of reducing stress and relieving muscle tensions. According to studies, more than 60 million Americans visit health spas every year making the health spa business as one of the most lucrative industries in the country today.

Of course this is expected given the fact that most Americans lead stressful lives nowadays. Experts say that an average person is exposed to at least 12 hours of stress almost everyday. If you are of those people who are constantly exposed to physical and mental stress everyday, you should join the bandwagon and head to the nearest health spa.

Going to a Health Spa

Studies show that physical contact with another human being is very important for our well-being. The element of touch generally helps us to relax and feel better after a long a stressful day. During the ancient times, people rely on therapeutic massage and "healing touch" to cure some forms of illness. Of course there are really no hard and fast scientific evidences on how a simple touch can cure some forms of illness but the anecdotal reports suggest that healing touch does work in some cases.

Since most spa treatments involved touching, a lot of experts believe that going to the health spa has many health benefits. These health benefits include stress relief and pain relief. An hour of pampering can definitely release some of the tensions in your body. In fact, some experts suggest that visiting a health spa and getting a massage every now and then can help manage chronic pains such as lower and upper back pain.

If you are one of those people who have been suffering from chronic pain after an accident, try getting a therapeutic massage every now instead of taking pain relievers to manage your pain. Another advantage of going to a health spa is that it promotes the general feeling of well-being. According to studies, people who frequently visit the spa performs better at work and are generally less prone to certain types of diseases.

How Much Does it Cost to Visit a Health Spa?

A visit to the health spa can be quite costly. A single visit to a five star spa can cost you a few hundreds of dollars. However, given the many health benefits that you can get from the health spa, spending a few hundreds of dollars in the spa is not a bad investment at all.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Spa Vacation tips

What To Do Before Going on a Spa Vacation

Over the years, spa vacations have become quite popular along upper and middle class Americans. Men and women alike are now interested in spa vacations. Why? Going to the spa has many health benefits. First, a visit to the spa can relieve stress. If you have been feeling cranky and distracted lately, you should take sometime off and relax. Second, a going on a spa vacation can help recharge your energies. If you have been putting long hours at work and you feel that your energy level is going down, affecting your productivity rate, you better take a relaxing vacation.

What to Bring On Your Spa Vacation

Before you go on a spa vacation, you need to do some shopping first. Make a list of all the things that you need during your spa vacation and then buy them before you leave home. Check your list twice to make sure that you have all the things that you need. Yes, you will probably find some good shops inside a spa resort but the prices of items sold in these shops can be quite astronomical.

If you don't want to end up paying more than twice the regularly of certain items like dental floss, sanitary pads and other personal necessities, make sure that you bring you own stuff with you.
Besides, the shops inside the spa resort may not have your favorite brands so just bring your stuff with you to avoid inconvenience.

What NOT to Bring On Your Spa Vacation

When going on a spa vacation, leave your cellular phone and laptop at home. Never ever bring your work with you when you go on vacation. Tell everyone that you are going on vacation and you will not be able to answer their calls or reply to their emails during this time. If they wish to talk to you, they will have to wait until you get back home or the office.

Bear in mind that you are going on a spa vacation to relax and have some time for yourself. You deserve a break from the rat race so do not spoil everything by allowing your boss or your clients to call you while you are on vacation. You will have plenty of time to deal with these people once you get back for your vacation so let them wait.
Bring a good book and some magazines with you instead. If you have been dying to read a certain book for ages, bring that book along and catch up on your readings.