Sunday, April 6, 2008

La Veranda Resort & Spa

Luxury Resort and Spa in Vietnam

One of the things that attract visitors that come to Vietnam is being able to sample the truly exciting and charming Vietnamese hospitality and also the unique culture of this lovely Asian country. Thus, when you enter any Vietnam luxury resort and spa, you will expect to find not only Asian style hospitality but also the lodgings would be quite different to that found in the rest of Vietnam.

So, if you are near or in Vietnam, you need to head to the tropical island known as Phu Quoc that is located on the south coast of Vietnam and besides this outstanding island’s natural beauty, you will be pampered and well taken care of at the boutique resort known as La Veranda Resort & Spa that is unique which means that you won’t find another Vietnam luxury resort and spa quite like this.

As for the Phu Quoc Island in which this exciting Vietnam luxury resort and spa is located, it is nothing short of a mini-paradise on earth. In fact, the island is shaped in the form of a heart and there are also thickly populated rainforests and also a high ridge and the beaches are dotted with palm trees that provide welcome shade when the temperatures begin to soar during the day.

The Grand Mercure La Veranda Resort - A Unique Boutique Resort

There is, as you would expect, a lot of choice when it comes to choosing a Vietnam luxury resort and spa, especially in places such as Phu Quoc where there awaits the traveler excellence in the form of Grand Mercure La Veranda Resort & Spa. In fact, there is hardly any more spectacular setting for a Vietnam luxury resort and spa than the Grand Mercure La Veranda and it is nothing less than a gem waiting to be discovered.

The La Veranda Resort & Spa is one Vietnam luxury resort and spa that boast both Asian styling as well as charming Caribbean villas that add their own charm when surrounded by gardens that are uniquely tropical and with the sandy beaches not far away, you will truly be amazed by the comfort and hospitality offered here.

All in all, the La Veranda Resort & Spa is an excellent example of what Vietnam luxury resort and spa is all about and it truly merits a visit if only to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and in addition, you are assured of finding comfort, relaxation and a fair bit of excitement on an island that is beautiful and also quite untouched by modern civilization.

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