Friday, June 27, 2008

Review on Allure Day Spa

Allure Day Spa is run by April Nurse, who always ensures that customers are given the most professional and high quality treatments.

The Day Spa is located on 55th St, New York. Despite being in such a busy location, the first thing that will strike you soon after you enter Allure Day Spa is the calm atmosphere of the place.
The excellent treatment that you are given will focus on grooming you and pampering you like is not possible anywhere else.
The staffs are pleasant and friendly, and you are also not charged more than is reasonable.

Professional and High Quality Treatments

The services offered at Allure Day Spa are manicures, pedicures, add-on Callous Care, waxing and tinting services as well as facials.

Allure Day Spa also offers cellular nutrition that is given using the best techniques and the whole approach to treating customers is holistic which is mainly attributable to the fact that April believes strongly that nutrition is very important to the overall well being of a person and also to their beauty.

In addition, Allure Day Spa offers massage services including the relaxation massage and mini massage. At Allure Day Spa, customers love the pampering to which they are subjected and all their needs are well cared for and you will also get to enjoy a relaxing cup of tea and also some healthy treats that will buttress the effects of their various treatments.

You can even get a Gift Certificate for your friends / loved ones for them to share the same experience as you.

To some who visit the Allure Day Spa, it is like a coming to an oasis in the middle of a vast desert and from the welcoming atmosphere to the friendly staff there is much to please you.
In fact, after getting a facial done here, you will love your glowing look that will last for days on end. In addition, there are several beauty products available here as well that you won’t find in any other place.
Best of all, you would love the prices which will make you gasp in amazement and the prices certainly compare well when compared to other spas.

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