Saturday, June 28, 2008

Spa covers – a must have for all tub owners

Why do you need a spa cover?

Simple, the spa cover helps Keep Your Hot Tub Clean. Anyone who owns an outdoor hot tub knows how hard they are to keep clean. Leaves, insects and more fall into them constantly and that not only makes them dirty but it throws off the pH balance so that it's unsafe and unsanitary for others to lounge in them. Therefore, if you own an outdoor hot tub, you should get a spa cover for it. A spa cover goes right over the top of your hot tub. It will keep it clean, it will lead to less maintenance and it will also reduce the cost of heating the tub because the spa covers are insulated so well. So the next time you and your friends want to get into the hot tub, simply remove the spa cover and get in.

Your Hot Tub Dealer

If you're looking for a spa cover, the best place to look is the dealer where you bought your hot tub in the first place. Hot tubs are made in all different sizes and designs so you'll need a spa cover that fits exactly. If you can't go to your dealer, make sure you know the exact dimensions of your hot tub so that you can order the correct spa cover. A spa cover that doesn’t fit correctly will not keep your hot tub as clean as you want and it won't hold in the heat either. So make sure it fits exactly if you're going to invest in a cover.

Fashionable Spa Covers Colors and Designs

Just like hot tubs, spa covers come in various shapes, designs and colors. If your dealer doesn't carry the type you like, you can always go online to find the spa cover you're looking for. The money is well worth the investment when you consider how much maintenance you'll have to do on the tub without a cover. You should be able to find a cover that matches your hot tub exactly, or at least one that matches the exterior of your home, or wherever else you keep your hot tub.

Your Guests Will Appreciate It

If nothing else, your guests will appreciate the fact that you got a spa cover for your hot tub. It keeps the tub cleaner, it keeps the chemical balance correct and it keeps the tub warm. No hot tub should be without a cover so if you don't have one, it's recommended that you begin shopping for one today.

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